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Windows Update Errors
0x800705b4 Error in Windows Update in Windows 10 [Solved]

While installing Windows Update from Windows 10, in case you receive error code 0x800705b4, do not worry. Most Windows 10 users have reported that this Windows Update mistake. You're able to repair the mistake with one of those approaches below.

You will find five ways that you attempt to resolve this mistake. You might not need to try them all; simply work your way down on peak of the listing till you find the one which is appropriate for you.

Method 1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft supplies Windows Update troubleshooter that will discover the problem and repair it. Consider using this approach to repair the 0x800705b4 mistake and it might work for you.

1) Sort troubleshoot at Cortana in the bottom left corner of background.

2) Click Troubleshooting on the pop up menu.

3) Click View all of from the left sidebar.

4) Click Windows Update from the listing.

5) Click Advanced.

6) Click Run as secretary.

7) Click on the Next button. Afterward the troubleshoot will discover the issues and fix them.

8) Check to find out whether you find the 0x800705b4 mistake in Windows Update.

Strategy 2: Change Windows Update Settings

This error may result from faulty Windows Update settings. So to resolve the error, you might have to modify the Windows Update settings. This technique has been operating for several Windows 10 users that encountered the 0x800705b4 mistake. It is worth a try.

Follow the following steps:

1) Sort Windows Update from Cortana and click on Check for updates on the pop-up menu. 

2) Click Advanced choices.

3) Clear alternative Give me updates to other Microsoft goods once I upgrade Windows. 
4) Restart your PC. 

5) Open the Windows Update Settings window (In case you are uncertain how to open this window, then refer the Measure 1). Click on Check for updates.

Note that you might want to run it over once to be able to find all updates. After all updates are installed, you'll receive message "Your device is current." , then continue to perform measures.

6) Re-select alternative Give me updates to other Microsoft goods once I upgrade Windows. 

7) Return to Check for Updates back again. Then the updates must download this time.

Method 3: Publish Some Connected Files

The error may be due to some corrupted files that are related. Deleting those files can resolve the Windows Update 0x800705b4error.

1) Form providers from Cortana and click on Services on the pop up menu.

2) Right-click Background Intelligent Transfer Service then pick Cease.

3) Right-click Windows Update then pick Cease.

4) Open Windows Explorer and browse to "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution".

5) Publish all of the content within this folder. (Some files might not be deleted, in this situation, return to Step 3 and try again. Just make sure to delete "Download" and "DeliveryOptimation".)

6) Restart your PC and check to find out whether the error persist. 

Strategy 4: Update Windows from Build 1511 to Construct 1607

In case you've installed Windows 10 construct 1511, update it to 1607 or greater version construct then attempt to install the updates. The mistake should solve. 

Strategy 5: Perform a Clean Boot then Install the Updates Again